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2017 Show Dates

Sunshine Series @ Thermal 11/1-12

Sat @ Sunshine - Started another beautiful day in the desert off by heading over to the show for sign ups & early schooling, then returned to RP  for some fun riding. At the show Melanie finished up her circuit w/ Marvelous w/a fast double clean for a 3rd place ribbon in the open 1.15s! Christine & Timmy are building themselves a solid partnership w/another lovely round in the 1.15s w/just the first rail down stopping them from jumping off. Melanie came right back & jumped another double clean for her final round of the show in the 1.20s aboard Cadison! Brittany & Acco jumped their final round fast & clean for their own 3rd place ribbon. And Simba schooled both her grey wonders & will be ready to show tomorrow in the final day of the circuit.


Fri - Much to my eternal joy today's GP went @ 8am & Haley & Gem made their GP debut going 31st right after the mid-course drag  just touching the first jump down & then having the very easy to knock down plank jump down in an otherwise spectacularly jumped round. Then both Melly & Christine moved up to the 1.15s w/ Melanie  & Marvelous jumping a lovely first round & going on to the jump off & Christine & Timmy touching one rail down in what looked like an equitation round. Simba & Comet jumped a double clean which seemed like the Tevis Cup w/ her lingering respiratory ailments & Acco & Brittany just made it into the 1.20s despite class conflicts. Marnye & Quito jumped the first round of the Championships  & there was lots of fun riding over @ RP this afternoon. 


Thu - Started off the beautiful day riding @ Rancho Polo then headed over to the show where@ long last Simba made her show debut by jumping a swift clean on Comet for a blue ribbon to start her week off!  Melly & Cadison laid down a fantastic trip in the 1.15s  with Micaela & Jenny  making their 1.15 debut w/ yet another spectacular double clean. Acco & Brittany joined the double clean club w/a fast round in the 1.20s. Then Melly & Marvelous jumped a fast double clean in the A/As for a yellow ribbon & road warrior Christine & Timmy made their Thermal debut w/ a fast clean to finish right behind Melly ( actually just like yesterday to correct the erroneous report) for a fourth place ribbon. Sotna wrapped up our day w/ a  good effort & we're all headed to Simba's new desert dwelling for dinner 


Wednesday wk 2 Sunshine Series - First round of the day was Haley & Gem who made their Thermal debut with a nice round in the 1.30s w/ a rail down in the jump off. Next up Jenny ( fabulous show name 867-5309) & Micaela jumped a truly spectacular round, far too high in the air to be under the time allowed & then  Granny & Molly followed with another beautiful round also jumped just too darn high to be in the time allowed. In the 1.15s Melly & Cadison stepped in the ring & jumped a really nice & fast round only to have Haley & Timmy follow them w/ a super sexy round just a bit faster & then Acco & Brittany went out & went faster yet! 

Snuck some fun riding in @ Rancho Polo & wrapped up the day w/ Haley & Micaela helping Kevin Babington in the Welcome Stake & big crowd for dinner in the cottage, which Charlie is missing since he's gone on a hay trip which he started off by teaching @ Madchen's this morning. 


Lots more showing in store tomorrow  & we are all headed over to Jim & Kimber's new house for dinner tomorrow night too! 


Sunday @ Sunshine - Melly started Classic day off w/ two lovely rounds on Cadison & Marvelous in the High Classic, then she & Sotna came back for the Low Classic & were wicked fast in their jump off,  but their spitball sprint to the finish cost them the final rail & they had to settle for a long 6th place ribbon. Marnye & Quito jumped a clean round in the a/o classic on the field but jumped a bit too high to stay under the time allowed, ending up w/ a long ribbon for their efforts in the tough class.

 Simba & her visiting momma made an appearance @ the show today &  Micaela & her beautiful girls will show next week w/ Haley arriving  w/Mambo & Timmy on Tues & Brittany & Acco as well & Christine arrivies Wed. as well as Marnye & Katie to join in the fun in the sun 


Sat - Thuder started us off w/ a really nice round on the GP field, unfortunately guided to the incorrect last jump by his rider. Melanie & Marvelous jumped a, well, Marvelous round in the same class only correctly negotiating the final fence! Marnye & Quito took to the field next & jumped a nearly perfect round w/ one "re-approach " required along the way .

Simba vows to return to the tack tomorrow, much to her suffering horses' relief.  

Fun afternoon of riding @ RP And Maeve has returned to her new winter home, in Melly & Trevor's neighborhood. Pix of all to follow


Fri - We started our day off w/ some heavenly riding @ Rancho Polo then moved over to the show where Marnye  & Quito started us off today w/a slick fast round to finish up w/a second place ribbon in the A/O's. Melly & Cadison jumped another beautiful round, but somewhat inexplicably touched the second fence down. Sotna was quite a bit more businesslike today, but also had one rail down. Gem jumped around the GP easily, but in a show of solidarity also chalked up a four fault round. 


Thu - Could not have started out better w/Marvelous jumping a really nice & brisk round for his GP Field debut! Then Molly Volkland piloted Granny around beautifully for a blue ribbon & had one rail down on Thuder for his U.S. show ring debut! Melly & Cadison may have jumped their nicest round ever (that's really saying something ) finished up w/ a white ribbon & then fiesta Sotna jumped hopped & skipped her way to a yellow w/ Melly astride. Marnye & Quito fought malfunctioning beepers & timers as well as ominous shadows but emerged w/ honor intact from their first round of the show. Sadly, Simba is sick & Micaela held down Rancho Polo. Bellini safely arrived @ DMS & will be back in the traces tomorrow as will Marci who is returning to regular duty @ DMS on Fri. 


Sunshine Series Day One! Not possible to be a more beautiful day & Comet & Cento started us off in Jumper one earning a regal purple & a yellow ribbon respectively. Gem jumped a really nice round on the GP field w/ one rail down in the jumpoff after Macella took an inside approach that she had pronounced "ridiculous " on the course walk & then proved it to be so. Cadison had a lovely first round w/ a very significant slip/ trip marring his jumpoff, but he recovered nicely & jumped his last 4 fences easily. In the long shadows of dusk Marvelous wrapped up our day w/ a do solid round in J1 w/ just one rail down. 

MEC for Sac International 9/25, wrapping up 10/8

Fri - Once again Comet started us off on a beautiful morning w/ back to back classes, finishing second in his  first  class & third in the Low Adults w/ Simba w/Cento & Simba also laying down a nice trip in the Lows for a pink ribbon. Chris DeVere & Vanessa wrapped up their week w/ two more solid rounds, also earning themselves a pink ribbon & Sharon & Clyde had a super round  w/ one rail down & will rest up tomorrow to finish up Sunday. In the A/As Kerri & Geneva jumped a spectacular double clean round to finish up second w/Melly right behind earning a 3rd & 6th after piloting both Cadison & Marvelous to beautiful double clean rounds. Laura & Magnus finished our day off w/ a nice round in the 1.15 Stake.

Laura Ds bday, otherwise known as FDOTW - And it could not have been a better Thurs, perfect weather & one great round after another. Simba & Comet started us off w/ a fastdouble clean for a long red ribbon!  Melly & Marvelous made their MEC debut w/ an exquisite round for a ribbon, w/ Simba. & Cento switching back to jumper mode to finish one place behind Melly. Chris DeVere masterfully piloted Vanessa to not one but two solid rounds & Sharon Schmidt guided Clyde to the win in the 1.10s, w/ Granny putting on an spectacular "air show " for a white ribbon in the same class. ( all that time in the air is not fast) Over in the GP ring Madchen built on last nights 8 th place finish in the huge 1.20 class w/a lovely round in the 1.30s today! In the A/As both Melly & Cadison & Kerri & Geneva jumped super rounds w/4 faults apiece & Laura D had a fantastic birthday ride executing all the super tricky inside turns  in the jumpoff just touching the last rail down.

10/4 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE - Comet started us off on this truly beautiful day by delivering another fast clean round for yet another ribbon. In the 1.10 Kerri Bettencourt & Geneva went for it in the speed  but a late rail marred their otherwise super round. Sharon Schmidt & Clyde went next & had a fast clean round & Chris DeVere & Vanessa finished up the class w/an excellent first half of her course  a green horse bobble in the middle & a solid finish. Danny was just lovely in the Welcome Stake, but rider error resulted  in the dreaded one time fault. Laura  & Magnus jumped a lovely round in the 1.15 s & Cadison smoothly jumped his way to a red ribbon. Back in the indoor Sharon & Clyde jumped  around w/ one rail & Marvelous jumped an exciting round w/ one rail down as well. Madchen & Condessa are about to head into the 1.20s &'tomorrow Kimber & Melly join in the fun

Terrific Tues - Great first day of week 2. Lots of new horses here this week &  Kerri Bettencourt, Chris DeVere & Sharon Schmidt have all joined us this week & Marvelous, Cadison & Granny made the trip up & we all jumped around ticket rounds to start week 2 off.

SHP 9/11 for 2 weeks, wrapping up 9/24

Sat - We started the day off w/ DMS dominance during double rounds of A/A Jumpers on the GP field & when it was over Kerri Bettencourt & Geneva went home w/the long Championship ribbons after winning the final class of the division. Melanie & Cadison laid down back to back beautiful rounds for top ribbons in both classes & Melanie also piloted Marvelous to a lovely double clean round in the final class for a pink ribbon. Micaela & Mimi joined in the fun & finished up w/a fast clean round in the final class for a ribbon of their own &  Christine & Timmy O zipped around the speed for a ribbon as well. Mike Garland laid down two more double cleans for two more ribbons aboard Canada &'Dora &  Baby Ruth & Caroline made it a complete week of nothing but double clean rounds for a ribbon in every single class they entered. An excellent send off to UCLA for the Olympic baby! Christine & Linden had unusual a rail @ fence four along w/ the majority of the class & Melanie & Sotna put down a typical fast double clean complete w/ Sotna's adorable entry Whinny! Jen showed Francie off to Lorna & Danny showed off all his fabulous new skills jumping a spectacular round in tonight's GP w/ the heartbreaking last rail down.

Fri - Buddy & Jen were " first on the scene" again  today, & once again Kerri & Geneva started us off w/ yet another clean round in the first class of the day on the GP field. Next up Mike Garland jumped two doubleclean rounds aboard his girls, earning a 5th & a 7th place ribbons, w/ Ruthie & Caroline slipping into 6th place after a lovely doubleclean of their own. Macella showed up just in time to zip around the 1.20s aboard Mimi for a sixth place ribbon & pilot Marvelous around w/ one rail down that was due to premature" turnature" ( that's turning too early...obviously) . Ruthie & Caroline followed their first double clean w/another, moving up to a pink ribbon. Christine persevered thru " scheduling" complications & produced double cleans for ribbons aboard both her wonderful horses. Cindy & Irwin jumped around in A/Os & Melanie & Sotna came to play & laid down a signature fast double clean for a yellow ribbon & then Melanie & Cadison finished our day up w/a lovely first class of the show that sets them up for a big day tomorrow.

Thu - Such a cool team assembled & doing just a fantastic job @ the show. Jen worked "morning magic" producing outstanding horses for their lucky riders later in the day, with prime example being the spectacular round Danny wrapped up the day w/ in the Welcome Stake, unfortunately touching the first fence down but jumping everything else pretty much perfectly & remaining easy to ride start to finish!! Haley sent  Kerri Bettencourt  into the first class of the day on the GP field aboard Geneva & the fantastic duo earned a 4th place ribbon in one of the biggest classes of the day. Buddy worked his magic w/ Mike Garland & his two lovely mares Canada & Dora & then Buddy & Haley teamed up & had beautiful rounds on both Leona, who earned herself her a regal ribbon & Gem who jumped a trademark round  "gliding" around the 1.30s w/ ease & style.

Christine got her start today, jumping yet another fabulous class on Linden & then laying down a fast double clean on Timmy O' Hanlon for a red ribbon! Jen &Francie showed off for proud owner Lorna Lowry w/ a fast doubleclean of their own for a white ribbon in the same class. Under Buddy's tutelage Cindy & Irwin rode to a second place finish in the A/Os & everybody else who did not show hacked & is ready to go! Fun to get a visit from Jerry Dugan today & as always the shows are more fun when Kerry, Colleen & friends come brave the elements, uncertain timing & guaranteed glare to cheer Danny on.  

Wed - The day began with a feminine mystique as mares Mimi and Geneva and respective riders Micaela and Kerri jumped around the 1.10 in good style. Next up were Ruth & Caroline, Jen & Canada + Dora, and Haley and Leona who all laid down Olympic caliber double clean rounds. Haley continued her Olympic riding in her beautiful yellow shirt on the great white Gem, while Mimi, Marvelous, and Cadison all jumped rail-free rounds with Macella in the irons. Finally Cindy and her fabulous horse Irwin had a clean round in the AOs. More fun tomorrow!

Not to mention the cutest grey mares EVER, Sotnia and Francie, who were piloted by Melly and jen to double clear rounds.  

Tue - Just a great first day, w/ everybody jumping really nice warm up ticket rounds on the GP fields. Thanks to the really great crew, set up was dons & all equipment moved before I ever even showed up!


wk 3
Sat - Final Woodside 2017 report -Wrapped up a fun 3 weeks w/ both Danny & Gem jumping beautiful double cleans in the final GP of the circuit. Marnye jumped a lovely first round on her young horse to earn a long ribbon of her own. Goodnight w/a photo from Bellini.

Thu - DOTW started off w/ some nice hacks & cross country course rides. Then Simba fetched up for a couple fabulous rides on her grey wonders & Marvelous started our show day off w/a nice round just touching one rail down. Marnye started showing today & jumped around the A/Os on her young horse for a top ribbon & jumped a nice round in the Welcome having only the first fence down. Gem & Danny were the double clean duo finishing up 4th & 6th respectively.

Wed -
Can you believe it! Only horse showing today was simply Marvelous who moved up a division & put down another double clean! Several new horses joined us this week. Everybody shows tomorrow. 

wk 2

Fantastic Finish to wk 2 - Christine & Linden were so smooth people thought they should be in the eq! Melly wrapped up her show by  piloting both Marvelous & Cadison  around in the lovely style they demonstrated the entire 2 weeks. Thx to road warriors 8 safely home this am, Marci brings 3 more tomorrow after MSRing @ Woodside AM! Home is absolutely amazing!!

Sat - Another beautiful morning here w/the ribbons of fog sneaking over the mountains for our  early workouts. In the show ring Melly & Sotna wrapped up 2 weeks of completely flawless showing w/ nothing but clean fast rounds & blue ribbons! Timmy & Christine continued to forge their partnership w/ a clean round in the first class & then moved up & made their A/A debut finishing 3rd in the class . Melly & Marvelous had another lovely round also making their first outing in the A/A division. Melly's final ride of her glorious day was aboard Cadison earning not only another red ribbon for a fast clean in the competitive modified division but also  taking home the long tri- colored Championship ribbon ! Jen & Johnny definitely had the best jumps of their entire excellent show, although their course did end  a bit "prematurely" when they parted company on the bank! Christine & Linden had their best round of the show to conclude their outstanding 2 weeks @ Woodside & Danny jumped a  smooth professional round w/ just one rail down . Special thanks to Baby Ruth for all her hacking, helping & general good cheer & it's been a pleasure having Micaela join us as well.

Big progress @ home. Sharon & Claudia made the inaugural ride  the new arena today ...pictures may follow! 

Fabulous Fri - Scratchy started us off w/ his best ever Hunter Derby, finishing up w/a @ long green ribbon against some pretty tough competition. Melly & Marvelous were once again truly Marvelous, earning themselves another blue ribbon. In the 1.15's Timmy brought home a red ribbon & Jen & Johnny earned themselves a green ribbon in the same class. Melly & Cadison finished up 3rd in the Modified's while Christine & Linden wrapped up our show day  w/ a solid round in the A/Os! 

Thu - Lived up to it's promise..after some magical sunrise riding Melly & Sotna started us off on the GP Field w/ a flawless blue ribbon round & Comet & Cento each earned blue ribbons as well. Next up Marvelous was truly marvelous jumping a simply perfect round. Jen & Johnny moved up seamlessly to the 1.15s as did Melly & Cadison who earned a red ribbon in their first ever foray into that division! Scratchy had his best ever outing in the First Yrs, earning a red & white ribbon & he's all ready for the derby tomorrow! Danny & Gem both jumped really nice rounds in the Welcome marred by just one rail w/ the same jump coming down for each of them in an unfortunate display of solidarity.

Early morning rides started at 6:30 w some serious humiliation as Haley attempted to remain aboard kooky Comet in the main hunter ring, which was followed by further humiliation with a pole lessons that Jen  joined in for fun! Show day started w Jen and Johnny jumping their best round yet in the 1.10m along w frisky Marvelous who jumped around despite a brief interruption when a free dog passed through his combination. In the 1.15ms Timmy was calm and confident and the calm part cannot be said for Cadison, who was feeling excellent after a few days of rest and managed a double clean in the 1.20m. Scratchy stole the show in the green hunters, where he jumped some of his best rounds yet for a 3rd and 4th and even managed a second place in the hack!!

Wed -Started off cool & foggy w/ lots of horses hacking before they caught the 7 am ride back to DMS w/Macella & Charlie. W/Buddy @ the helm Melly & Sotna & Christine & Timmy both had beautiful trips on the GP field to start the day off, then Melly & Cadison wrapped up their week w/another nice round in the A/As & Christine & Linden made it 3 for 3 double cleans in the A/Os finishing up their week w/a long ribbon in the Classic. Jen, Haley & Baby Ruth enjoyed the wonderful facility & weather w/all the other horses & tomorrow is a " day of rest" @ the show, but work will recommence on the demilitarized zone that is DMS 

Sat - Another day, another group of sunrise rides to start us off! In the GP ring Melly and Marvelous had a great team building round and Timmy and Christine had their partnership debut both in the meter warm up. Next Jen and Johnny jumped a lovely round just ticking one rail down along the way in the 1.10m, while Melly and Caddy laid down a slick speed round in the A/As for a red ribbon. Linden and Christine had yet another clean round in the low A/Os for fourth. Down below Ruthie and Caroline jumped a perfect round in the polo ring for an unknown ribbon. After some afternoon hand walks Johnny and Jen suited up for the under saddle derby preceding the GP and won a green ribbon in their fancy braids and beautiful shadbelly. Finally, Gem made his return to the GP ring jumping two lovely clean rounds for 5th, while barnmate Danny bested his time for a double clean round and a 4th place ribbon. All GP rounds are available on Facebook to watch. Final day of the Woodside circuit opener tomorrow. 

Fri - Woke up to a lovely blanket of fog & started the day off w/another blue ribbon round delivered by Melly & Sotna on the GP field, followed by a very fun hunter DERBY round on Scratch (in his gorgeous braids thanks  to Jen) who is definitely getting the hang of them & actually seems to be enjoying himself! Baby Ruth returned to the show ring after a two year hiatus & piloted adorable Llyvian to a fast double clean for a yellow ribbon & then rode a nearly perfect round on Sweet Caroline to finish up her show day. Melly & Cadison made their first start of the summer on the Woodside GP field & jumped around beautifully w/one rail down in the jumpoff of the A/As & Christine drove in from work w/ minutes to spare & suited up & delivered a double clean in the A/Os on Linden. Buddy & Granny jumped a few fences today & Pole lessons w/Buddy & trail rides on the cross country course kept everybody else occupied!

Thu - Favorite day of the week started off with Melly and Sotnia having perhaps their best round ever in the first class of the meters, which was followed by Melly and marvelous who was, in fact, marvelous! Jen and Johnny really hit their stride after fence 3 moving up a division in the GP ring next. Bellini is riding like she never stepped out of the show ring and had another clear round and another ribbon on Llyvian also moving up a division. Macella and Timmy also had their best round yet today and again, moved up a division (there's a pattern here). In the heat of the day scratchy showed off for Sarah who came to admire him canter around the green hunters in prep for tomorrow's 8AM (!!!!!) hunter derby. Finally both Gem and Danny stole the show with double clean efforts in the Welcome Stake for yellow and pink ribbons respectively! Baby Ruth has arrived and all others hacked about today with our traditional sunrise rides around this beautiful facility. 

Wed - Cento started us off w/a quality round for a blue ribbon on the GP ring, Comet jumped around as well, & Marvelous had a lovely round his first time out for a blue ribbon of his own. Jen & Johnny had a great debut & Timmy was good for his first trip around the Woodside GP ring too. Cadison & Bunny jumped around their warm up rounds & Scratchy was a superstar in the First Year, even hacking (mostly) honorably. 

Special thanks to road warrior Claudia who delivered all the unremembered items as well as retrieving Harry from the vet clinic which was his unfortunate destination after a trailering mishap en route to the show. But he is back & looking remarkably fine, which is probably a little more than we can say for Jim Butts who lost a fight w/ his golf cart & will be resting up for awhile while his broken ankle & arm & various cuts & contusions heal.


Tue - Just a lovely day in Woodside, 80 degrees w/a wee breeze & lots of happy well behaved horses. Big happenings @ DMS, maybe some pix tomorrow 

Mon - Thx to everyone who made the rapid move possible. RVs all set up( complete w/Melanie's traveling raccoon family!)  Charlie built a very popular pool- although clearly Audrey needs her  own! And fans & shadeclothe are up, horses happy & we've got an 8am appt @ the office tomorrow! 

Here’s one of many pics of the stinky, but adorable family.  I think there are at least 2 babies, maybe 3……we opened up the partitions and left the doors open. Hopefully, tonight “momma” will want to take her babies out to a safe place in beautiful Woodside.  If not, I will call animal control in the morning to ask for their help!  Aw, the many adventures of Hank of Allie…….


6.17 Sat - Just a super day w/ Buddy @ the helm Christine & Linden put down a fast double clean for a 4th place ribbon & Micaela & Caroline wrapped up their show w/ another solid double clean while Danny finished up the day w/a spectacular round in the GP, w/ one rail marring his performance.

It's a DMS wrap & Woodside here we come

Fri - Happy Birthday Nono